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See the most detailed image of the moon, prepared by adding 2 lakh pictures in 2 years, know whose feat is

After working hard on a project for two years, recently two astrophotographers have unearthed an intricate detail picture of the Moon. This picture has been prepared by adding more than 2 lakh pictures of the moon in two years. The picture is such that it settles in the mind, because the form of the moon that is visible in it is rare. This picture has been prepared by Andrew McCarthy and Planetary Scientist Connor Matherne. According to the NPR report, the two worked together on the project.

Before coming together on the project, both the people were connected with each other on social media and used to share their work with each other. McCarthy told NPR Told That when we came together, decided to do something different.

McCarthy specializes in taking detailed photographs and understanding the geological features of the Moon’s surface, while Mathern is skilled at taking photographs in deep space. One evening McCarthy took more than 200,000 detailed photographs of the Moon from Arizona, USA. Meanwhile, Mathern clicked 500 images of the Moon from Louisiana to collect the color data.

After this, the two worked together for 9 months of editing to make the best possible image of the moon. Mathern said that Andrew worked on the details of the image, while he focused on its colors. Because of this, he was able to prepare a full moon picture of the moon.

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The Moon can be seen in red and gunmetal blue colors in the 174-megapixel image. In this, light is seen on one side, which we can also see in the picture. This part is focused towards the Earth. According to the astrophotographers, along with technology, they used a camera, tripod and a star tracker in this work. However, McCarthy said that patience is very important in such a project.


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