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Secret of Smartwatch’s bright green light revealed, without it you will not be able to track fitness

Smartwatch Features: If this special feature is not given in your smart watch, then the health related features will stop working, in which case its role is very important.

Smartwatch Heath Tracker:  There are many features in any smart watch, in which many features are connected with technology, so that you can connect this smart watch to your smartphone and use the features of the smartphone. There are those who keep an eye on your health and fitness. To make all these health and fitness related features work well, a light is placed in the smart watch, although most people are not aware of the function of this light. Today we will tell you the work of this light and will also tell why smart watch will be useless without it.

what is the function of this light

You must have noticed that whenever you use any health or fitness related feature, a bright green light starts blinking on the back side of the smart watch. Most of the people would consider this light as just a design element but its purpose is different. This bright light activates all the health and fitness related features and helps you to monitor your health. If this Hari Roshni is not there then you will not get accurate information about your health.

In fact, this bright green light that links enters inside your skin through your wrist and then goes to the body blood. After that this bright green light comes back on. This process is repeated again and again until the correct reading is obtained. The more accurate this light works, the more accurate details the smart watch gives you. If this bright green light is not there then your smartwatch will be useless.


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