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Secret messages of hackers revealed

Cybersecurity specialists often find various secret messages from hackers in Trojans. What are they like?

These can be curses, and addresses, and excerpts from Shakespeare’s sonnets, and quotes from “Crime and Punishment” and “The Brothers Karamazov” by Dostoevsky. As noted in Kaspersky Lab, the meaning of the messages is not always clear. This can be done either as a message to humanity, or just to laugh, or to bypass the simplest signature detection.

For example, representatives of the Obsydian Gargoyle group left in the code a fragment from Shakespeare’s sonnet 116:

Love is a beacon raised over the storm, Not fading in darkness and fog. Love is the star by which the sailor determines the place in the ocean. Love is not a miserable doll in the hands At the time that erases roses On fiery lips and on cheeks, And threats are not afraid of her time. And if I am wrong and my verse is lying, Then there is no love – and there are no my verses.


One day, Group-IB specialists found a script in the malicious “Contract.docx” file that differed in the presence of variables with names composed of the words of a Slipknot song (You-sold-me-out-to-save-yourself – “You-sold-me -to-save-yourself “). Also, Russian words typed in the English layout are used, for example, htrjyytrn – reconnect. Sometimes virus writers communicate with virus detectors through code.

The most common phrase in hacker code is “F *** you”.

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