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Second Hand Car Buying Tips: Planning to buy a second hand car? If you do not want to cheat, keep these things in mind

Plan to buy a second hand car! In that case, there are a few things to keep in mind before buying a car. There are a few things to keep in mind. It is very important to check the complete data of the car properly before buying. In view of the growing interest in second hand cars in the country, most of the automobile companies have also opened used car showrooms. Just a test drive is not enough before buying a second hand car. Let us know what precautions should be taken while buying a used car-

Long Test Drive – When buying a second hand car, make sure that it is not too short distance when you are taking a test drive. Test drive must be at least 30 km. A test drive at

It is very important to check the temperature of the car before taking the test drive. Put your hand on the bonnet of the car to check the temperature, to see if anyone has driven before you. Take a test drive if the temperature of the car is normal. This is important because if someone had a test drive of the car before you, you would not know its temperature. That means it will be difficult to know how long the car is getting hot.

Listen carefully to all the sounds coming from the car – by checking the sound coming from the car you can easily know about the condition of the car. For that, start the car and keep it neutral for a while. Then sit inside the car and pay attention to the noise and vibration. Hear any sound when pressing the accelerator, opening and closing the window. If you notice any additional noise or vibration, let the car dealer know.

Emergency brake testing is very important – Emergency brake testing of a vehicle is very important in terms of safety. For this you have to go to the empty field while driving the test. You can test the speed of the car by pressing the emergency brake. Be sure to check the handbrake. The handbrake can be well tested on slopes or uphill roads.

Test drive on good and bad roads- Test drive on bad and good, two types of roads. In this way you can know the different sounds of the car as well as the condition of the body. You can check things like car suspension, torque, power and pickup. The sound of the engine, heating, gearbox and the exact state of the gear response can be known.

Be sure to check the car smoke – make sure the smoke is coming out of the car silencer. Exhaust black or blue smoke from the silencer can cause engine problems. Smoke can also turn black or blue due to the problem of oil leaking in the engine. It is best to keep an experienced mechanic with you during the test drive.

How to check steering – Steering must be checked during test drive. If there is vibration in the steering, there may be a problem in the car. If there is a problem with the steering, the car will pull to the right or left.

Be sure to check the electrical parts – window up-down switch, music system, mirror folding switch, wiper, horn. Also, it is better to check the switch, button, brake, clutch, gear, accelerator a few times while driving test.

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