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Second Hand Car: Buy cheap luxury cars like Audi Q3, price starts from 7.90 lakh

Buying a luxury car is everyone’s dream but due to the high cost it is not possible for everyone. If you are also one of them then you have a great chance.

Second Hand Luxury Cars: Most of the cars these days are launched in the SUV segment. Seeing the strong demand, luxury car makers are also now focusing on this segment. There itself Second Hand Car Market In India, the demand for luxury SUVs has increased like regular sedans and SUVs. Here these cars can be bought for less than half the price.

here we Audi Q3 And talking about Q7, which is available for sale at a very low price. Know about them…

Second Hand Audi Q3

The black colored Audi Q3 is a 2013 model. This automatic diesel suv Which has been run for about 78 thousand kilometers. This car is registered in Delhi. For this, a demand of Rs 7.90 lakh has been made.

Apart from this, there is also an Audi Q3 SUV which is in white colour. It is a 2013 model and gets a diesel engine mated to an automatic gearbox. It has been driven for 87,000 kms. This car is also registered in Delhi. The seller has demanded Rs 8.40 lakh for this.

Audi Q3 2014 Model

The white-shaded SUV is registered in Delhi. It has covered a distance of 68 thousand kilometers. Its cost is Rs 9.60 lakh. In terms of features, the 2013 and 2014 models are identical.

Audi Q3 2015 Model

This SUV has been well maintained. There is no visible dent or scratch in it. The Delhi registered car comes equipped with factory-fitted infotainment screen, leather seat covers, automatic climate control, panoramic sunroof, LED taillamps and alloy wheels. It has been driven only for 53 thousand kilometers. Its cost is Rs 12.90 lakh.

Audi Q7 SUV

This is the 2011 model of black colour. It has a diesel engine, which comes with an automatic gearbox. This 7-seater SUV has been driven around 67 thousand kms. It is registered in Haryana. For this, a demand of Rs 9.10 lakh has been made.

Note: The details of all the SUVs listed above have been updated on the YouTube channel named ‘Baba Luxury Cars’. From here you can contact the seller. Apart from this, before buying any second hand car, check its condition and papers properly.


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