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Screen-Speaker-Battery of the phone can be damaged due to cold, take care of the phone in winter

New Delhi: Smartphone Tips For Winter: Although smartphones are made for cold and hot conditions, if the cold is too much, it can affect the life of the smartphone. For example, the iPhone can operate in temperatures between -20° and 113° Fahrenheit. But, it is equally true that prolonged exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures shortens the life of the smartphone. This can reduce the life of a smartphone that can last 4 years to 2 years. Sometimes the phone may turn off or even freeze. Apple recommends operating the smartphone at a minimum temperature of minus 4 degrees and a maximum of 32° Fahrenheit.

What difference does it make to the phone if the temperature is too cold or too hot?

Lithium ion batteries lose their performance when exposed to cold temperatures. If it is too cold, the battery of the phone will run out quickly. According to reports, not only the phone’s battery but also the LCD screen can get damaged in extreme cold.

There is a possibility of cracks on the glass surface of the smartphone in icy temperatures. The same cold temperatures can also cause the glass on the back of the iPhone to crack. Apart from this, there is also a chance that your phone’s speaker gets damaged due to fog in winter. Because, moisture in winter can cause technical problems in speakers.

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in winter Take care of your phone like this:

Do not store the smartphone in a very cold place. Put the smartphone in the person’s pocket in cold weather, so the smartphone gets some heat. The phone should be switched off at night in the cold.
Also, try to keep the smartphone in a warm jacket in cold weather. If it’s too cold, you can also cover the smartphone properly to keep it at the right temperature. Keeping the phone connected to a power bank is also a good option during long journeys.


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