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Scissors on the earnings from Instagram Reels, the company cut the payment

After the closure of TikTok, the trend of making reels on Instagram and Facebook suddenly increased a lot. Users are enjoying the reel features of both these social media platforms and are earning a lot. There is shocking news for those earning from reels that Instagram has cut the payment given on reels.

According to the Financial Times, some creators who make money from reels have said that Instagram has recently increased the number of views and criteria for paying through reels. According to the Financial Times, a creator was paid $35,000 for 58 million views, but now Instagram is demanding 359 million views from him for the same payment.

However, no official information has been given by Instagram regarding this. But tech experts say that both Instagram and Facebook are reviewing the payment of reels. On the other hand, the social media platform also says that they are improving their payment module to reward only the unique and best reels on their platform.

instagram reels
The reels shown on Instagram or Facebook are exactly like Tiktok. After the ban of Tiktok, the trend of reels on these platforms has increased. Through reels, you make small videos and upload them on the page. These videos are up to 15 seconds. Money is also available on these reels according to the view. There are many such people who are making good money by making relays.

Making reels on Instagram started in 2019. To earn money from Instagram Reels, you must have at least 10,000 followers on your Instagram page. Apart from this, you can earn from Instagram reels only after Facebook monetization.

how to make reels
To create Instagram reels, first you need to have an Instagram account. After logging in to the account, put a plus sign near the main menu at the top of the profile. [+] Click on After clicking on the plus icon, you have to click on the reels option. Now you have to select the music of your choice. Shoot your video according to the music and upload it.

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