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Scientists will teach robots to jump like fleas

The authors of the new scientific work used microcomputer tomography, 3D reconstruction, high-speed imaging, and also examined the corpses of flea beetles. As a result, they were able to fully describe the jumping mechanics of flea beetles. As it turned out, they are helped by the “elastic plate” on the legs.

The structure in the beetle’s hind legs serves as a “catapult”. This allows you to move the flea at a distance hundreds of times longer than its body length. Scientists have learned that it increases the power output of the beetle’s muscles and reduces energy loss.

It turned out that the extensor muscles and the flexor muscles of the tibia contract simultaneously and accumulate elastic deformation energy inside the femur. And the “triangle plate” and “elastic plate” act together as a trigger for the catapult mechanism.

The researchers noted that the flea beetle’s jumping mechanism is efficient and simple, so it can be used in robotics.

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