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Scientists reconstructed the first picture of a black hole, know what was visible

In the year 2019, the first picture of a black hole was taken using the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). Astronomers had theoretically predicted that the black hole at the center of the Messier 87 (M87) galaxy has a shell of gas and other features. The picture was said to be historical, but it was very blurry and the details of the black hole were not visible in it. Astronomers have reconstructed the image to reveal the black hole’s photon ring. It has everything that could not be seen before.

The black hole in the M87 galaxy gets its light from the gas surrounding it, including radio light. When a ray of light passes near a black hole, it changes its direction due to the irregularity of spacetime. This deflection of light has been observed with stars and galaxies, but the bending of light is more important in the case of black holes.

When light from all directions passes near a black hole, only what is visible is focused. Astronomers have observed that black holes can act as a strong lens and focus light in our direction. According to this theory, we should see a thin circle of light known as a photo ring.

But the photon ring was not visible in this photo. This may be due to the material that obstructs the path of light. It has been reported that light scatters when it passes through regions of cold gas. Because of this the picture appears blurry. In the new study, the team of researchers realized that the existing data actually contained two images. One is the photon ring and the other is the faint glow of the surrounding region. The researchers used an algorithm to remove the layers of the image, after which the photon ring was revealed. to these observations The Astrophysical Journal published in a paper.

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