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Scientists: “Omicron” causes pneumonia faster than other strains of coronavirus

According to the expert, Omicron has effective mechanisms of attachment to receptors and penetration into the cells of the human body. Therefore, it descends faster than other variants of SARS-CoV-2 into the lungs, causing pneumonia. If with other strains 10-11 days passed from the moment of infection to the development of pneumonia, now this period has been reduced to 3-5 days.

At the same time, “Omicron” is not much different from other strains. “It is changing and becoming more effective, but we don’t know everything yet. Virus neutralization tests take quite a long time, but bioinformatics studies have already been carried out in many countries, including Russia. And scientists have not found anything that would turn the properties of the virus upside down. What is bad about the Omicron strain, it is, just like Delta, more trope, that is, it is capable of interacting with the epithelium of the lungs – the lower respiratory tract. Therefore, “Omicron” descends faster into the lungs, causing pneumonia. This is very alarming, “Semyonov said.

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