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Scientists made Hi-Tech Face Mask, will tell in 10 minutes whether there is corona virus around you

The era of Kovid-19 has made the use of face masks necessary. Although many times people are careless in applying masks, but using them gives you protection from viruses and pollution present in the air. However, scientists have developed a face mask that can detect common respiratory viruses, such as influenza and Kovid-19, present in the form of droplets or aerosols in the air. If there is a presence of such viruses in the air, then this mask can inform its users about it in 10 minutes on their mobile.

One Report According to the study, Yin Feng, a material scientist at Shanghai Tongji University, said that old research has shown that wearing a face mask can reduce the risk of spreading and coming into contact with the disease. That’s why we wanted to create a mask that could detect the presence of the virus in the air and alert the wearer.

The respiratory pathogens that cause COVID-19 and H1N1 influenza are spread through droplets and aerosols released when infected people speak, cough, and sneeze. These viruses can be present in the air for a long time.

To protect against such viruses, Fang and his colleagues tested a mask. They found that the newly developed face mask can detect common respiratory viruses present in the air, such as viruses of influenza and COVID-19. The team designed a small sensor with aptamers, which are a type of synthetic molecule, that can identify unique proteins and microbes. It can simultaneously recognize the surface proteins of SARS-CoV-2, H5N1 and H1N1.

The face mask sends alerts to its users via phone as soon as a common respiratory virus is detected in the air. It is claimed that the ion-gated transistor fitted in it is a highly sensitive instrument and can detect the level of microbes in the air within 10 minutes. Scientist Yin Feng said that our face mask will work well in places where ventilation is poor such as elevators or attached rooms. Scientists also claim that if a new virus comes in the future, then the sensors of this face mask can be easily updated. Fang and his team are also working on wearable devices that can help detect cancer and heart diseases.

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