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Scientists have revived a virus that is almost 50,000 years old. Found in permafrost

Scientists from Russia, Germany and France have found several prehistoric viruses in the permafrost of Siberia. They were found at a depth of 16 meters under the bottom of the lake in Yukechi alas. The oldest of them was there for 48.5 thousand years.

The researchers were able to identify 13 giant DNA-containing viruses, and they even managed to reanimate one of them and reproduce it in the laboratory. It is claimed to be safe for animals and plants. Such a virus can infect only the simplest living organisms.

According to the researchers, such viruses need to be studied today, as the climate changes and the average temperature on the planet rises. This could cause the permafrost to begin to melt, and the released viruses could cause new outbreaks of infections.

If you study viruses today, it will allow you to prepare for a possible pandemic in advance. It can also help against certain viruses. cats.

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