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Scientists have named animals that can carry covid

Various types of coronaviruses can affect not only people, but also animals. Scientists at the Carey Institute for Ecosystem Research in New York studied 500 species of mammals to see if they could carry COVID-19.

Among the carriers, those species with which a person regularly contacts were identified. They were domestic cats, minks, most primates, some equids, sloths, anteaters, pangolins, sika deer and Asiatic buffalo. In total, the research technique was tested on 5 thousand mammals.

As part of the experiments, the ecological and biological characteristics of the species were combined with the data of three-dimensional modeling of protein-protein interactions of the virus with angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2). This enzyme is very well preserved in vertebrates, it controls blood pressure, through it the virus and enters the body.

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According to scientists, in order not to get infected from your pet, you need to protect it from contact with other animals.


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