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Scientists have found a way to make Mars habitable

Experts have proposed this method against the background of the growing density of the Earth’s population, which will sooner or later raise the issue of lack of space. The method of transformation and subsequent colonization of Mars consists in the reproduction of colonies of lichens and bacteria-autotrophs – organisms that synthesize organic substances from inorganic ones. Lichens and bacteria must be planted in the Mariner Valley and the Hellas Plain, located close to the planet’s equator, so that the “colonizers” will be protected from the scorching ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes and sandstorms.

This choice is due to more or less suitable physical and climatic starting conditions: air temperature, higher atmospheric pressure compared to the “zero” level of the planet, and it is possible that liquid water, according to satellite data.

But, before doing this, it is necessary to prepare the conditions for the life of terrestrial plants and bacteria. To begin with, it is necessary, with the help of human intervention, to increase the pressure and make the temperature on the planet more suitable for life, and only then try to populate it. And this will take hundreds of years. At the same time, scientists believe that even the seemingly utopian scenario is quite real.

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