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Scientists have explained what food protects against dementia

But if you eat right, you can lower your risk of developing this condition. Such conclusions were reached by scientists from the Athens National University. Kapodistrias.

Experts conducted a study with the participation of 1059 people, whose average age was 73 years. The participants were divided into three groups depending on what they ate.

The study lasted three years. Initially, none of the participants had dementia, but later 62 people were diagnosed with the condition. They ate food that promoted the development of inflammatory processes, i.e. products of deep processing. Participants who ate “healthy” foods — a diet that included lots of vegetables and fruits, legumes, and coffee or tea — were three times less likely to have dementia.

Their weekly diet included 20 servings of fruit, 19 servings of vegetables, four servings of beans, and 11 servings of tea or coffee.

At the same time, scientists note that it is impossible to speak unequivocally about the connection between food and dementia. Food does not protect against aging of the brain, but helps prevent pathologies.

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