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Scientists have discovered the ‘killer’ asteroid hidden in the glare of the Sun, one day it will destroy everything!

Asteroids are just celestial disasters for the Earth. Every year hundreds of asteroids pass close to the Earth. Scientists monitor them, because if a space rock hits the Earth, it can bring great destruction. Millions of years ago, the extinction of dinosaurs from our earth was also due to the collision of asteroids. Scientists have detected more than 11 lakh asteroids so far, but a recently discovered ‘asteroid’ has made everyone worried. It is interesting that till now this asteroid was hidden in the glare of the Sun. Scientists say that one day this huge space rock may collide with the Earth.

This asteroid has been named ‘2022 AP7’. About 1.5 km wide asteroid is included in the category of ‘potentially dangerous’. It was discovered near the orbits of Earth and Venus. of live science Report According to, scientists say that after thousands of years this asteroid and our Earth will start crossing slowly at the same point. Because of this, the possibility of asteroid hitting the Earth will increase.

This information has been given in a study published on 29 September in The Astronomical Journal. In this regard, Scott Shepard, an astronomer at the Carnegie Institution for Science and lead author of the study, said that we have found two large near-Earth asteroids so far. Their size is more than 1 kilometer. Because of this size, they are being called ‘planet killers’. These ‘killers’ of the earth are such rocks as asteroids, which can destroy the world when they collide with the earth.

To find these asteroids, scientists trended a telescope’s dark energy camera. Observations were becoming impossible in the glare of the Sun during the day, so an attempt was made at night. However, scientists get this opportunity only for 10 minutes at night. Just before the sun rises. Scientists say that only 25 asteroids have been discovered within Earth’s orbit because of the difficulty of seeing near the Sun’s glare.

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