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Scientists have discovered new reasons for the lack of water on Mars

So, according to planetary scientists, due to the interaction of the solar wind and the atmosphere, Mars cannot lose all surface water, the reason is different. In their opinion, this could happen due to several factors at once. In particular, due to meteorological gravity waves, convection and dust storms.

Previously, it was believed that under the influence of ultraviolet radiation in the lower part of the atmosphere of this planet, photolysis of water is formed – the decomposition of a molecule into oxygen and hydrogen. The latter is subsequently carried off into space. Thus, over billions of years, this led to the fact that all surface water bodies disappeared from the surface of Mars.

In their new work, experts refute this theory, putting forward new hypotheses for the formation of photolysis. In particular, they showed that water could be transported from the lower to the upper parts of the atmosphere even before it underwent photolysis. This transfer could be carried out due to convection currents at low altitudes, dust storms or internal gravitational waves.

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