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Scientists have discovered a ‘wonderful’ star, in 4 years it revolves around the black hole of our galaxy

There is a black hole in the center of our galaxy i.e. Milky Way. We have been getting this information from many previous reports. Now a star has been discovered, which takes only 4 years to orbit the black hole at the center of our galaxy. There is a dense group of stars around the black hole, which is called the S cluster. There are hundreds of stars in it, whose brightness and mass are different. It is said about S stars that their speed is usually fast.

Study author Dr Florian Peskar informed that scientists have identified a star that revolves around the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy in just 4 years. The discovery sheds new light on the origin and evolution of the orbits of rapidly spinning stars at the center of our galaxy. Michael Jajcek, a scientist at Masaryk University involved in the study, said that the S4716 star’s short orbit around the black hole and its small orbit creates a lot of confusion, because stars cannot form so easily near black holes. However, scientists seem very happy with this discovery.

According to a news agency report, a total of 5 telescopes observed the star to reach the end of the search. Four of these telescopes were combined into one, so that accurate and detailed observations could be made. Peskar said it was unexpected for a star to be in a stable orbit so fast around a massive black hole.

Talking about some more news related to our galaxy, recently a strange thing has been detected. It is named MAXI J1816-195 and is emitting X-ray light. Scientists first came to know about it on 7 June. It has been captured through All Sky X-ray Image (MAXI) of Japan’s Space Agency. The discovery was shed by astrophysicist Hitoshi Nigero and his team from Nihon University in Japan. He posted as a notice in the Astronomer Telegram that a new X-ray source had been detected. All the conclusions have come out that it is a star.

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