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Scientists have created a medical robot that should help with severe bleeding Ambulance personnel

A team of American scientists have created a portable device with artificial intelligence AI-GUIDE, which should help doctors with severe internal bleeding in emergency situations.

After an accident, there is a short period of time when medical workers can provide life-saving care to victims with severe internal bleeding. Providing this type of care is complex, and key interventions require the insertion of a needle and catheter into the central blood vessel, but this process is very complex, so treatment can only be provided after the victim has been transported to the hospital.

A team of researchers at MIT, as well as doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital, have come up with a solution to this problem. The Artificial Intelligence-Guided Ultrasound Intervention Device (AI-GUIDE) is a portable platform technology that can help personnel with simple knowledge quickly place a catheter into a common femoral vessel.

AI-GUIDE is a platform device made up of specially designed algorithms and integrated robotics that can be paired with most portable ultrasound devices. To operate the AI-GUIDE, the user first places it on the patient’s body, near the junction of the thigh with the abdomen. A simple target display guides the user to the desired location and then instructs the user to press a button, after which the needle is inserted into the patient’s body at the desired location.

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