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Scientists found 24 eyes in just 1.5cm jelly fish! Know where this amazing species was found!

People interested in sea creatures must have heard the name of jelly fish. Now scientists have found such a species of this sea creature which has 24 eyes! Yes, scientists at the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) have found a jelly fish with 24 eyes. It is quite small in size and is in cube shape. It has been seen in the Mai Po Nature Reserve.

Professor Qiu Jianwen fish He was taken out of a pond, which is a pond of prawns and is full of salt water. It is called ge wai in the local language here. Scientists have named this new species of jelly fish as Tripedalia maipoensis, which is named after the Mai Po Nature Reserve.

Explaining this, Professor Qiu Jianwen said that he named it so because it tells about the place where it was found for the first time. The professor told that at present it has been found only in Mai Po. But it may also exist in the Pearl River Estuary as Ge Wai is associated with that estuary as well.

issued by the university release According to this, this box jelly fish is also called Cubozoa in scientific language, which belongs to the phylum Cnidaria. It belongs to the Tripedaliidae family. It has joined this family as the fourth species. Its body is completely transparent and its length is said to be 1.5 cm on average. There are three tentacles or tentacles on its four corners which are up to 10cm long. Beneath this tentacle is a paddle-shaped structure called pidalia. Pidalia produces thrust when it contracts its body, which allows it to swim faster than other jelly fish.


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