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Scientists: due to rapid melting of Himalayan glaciers, millions of people will be left without water

Because of their melting, the sea level rose by 0.92-1.38 mm. But this is not the only danger. Scientists say that the area of ​​14798 Himalayan glaciers, compared to the Little Ice Age, which existed in this area 400-700 years ago, has decreased by 40% – from 28 thousand to 19.6 thousand square kilometers. And the rate of their melting has increased 10 times over the past decade.

Scientists note that the largest reserves of mountain ice on the planet are concentrated in the Himalayan glaciers. This is more than in the Alps, the Caucasus and Scandinavia combined. Due to their destruction, millions of people will remain without a sustainable water supply, who depend on the river systems of Asia: the Ganges, Indus and Brahmaputra. The Himalayan glaciers are shrinking especially rapidly in the regions of Eastern Nepal and Bhutan.

Experts say the reason is global warming – in the polar regions, the temperature has increased by 4-9 degrees, the presence of large lakes near the mouths of glaciers and debris of rocks.

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