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Scientists discovered the oldest Black Hole, 10 million times bigger than our Sun

Scientists have detected the oldest black hole with the help of data collected through the James Webb Space Telescope, the largest telescope deployed in space. This black hole is 10 million times bigger than our Sun. Interestingly, the size of the black hole is still increasing. Researchers estimate that this black hole was formed 570 million years after the birth of our universe. However, scientists feel that this black hole will soon lose its title and they will find an even older black hole.

of reports According This black hole was found inside one of the earliest galaxies ever discovered. The name of this galaxy was earlier EGSY8p7, which was later changed to CEERS_1019. researchers Ko thinks that this discovery can solve many difficult questions related to our universe, especially how the size of black holes increases.

This discovery was made by the team of astrophysicist Rebecca Larsen of Texas University. A paper related to the discovery has been submitted to The Astrophysical Journal. According to information, the CEERS_1019 galaxy was identified in 2015 after data from the Hubble telescope. The same Hubble telescope which has been in space for the last 30 years and has given us many important information till now. The existence of the CEERS_1019 galaxy was confirmed by Hubble’s data, but no further details could be found.

When the James Webb Telescope started its work after being deployed in space last year, scientists also carried forward the old discoveries. Because James Webb is more advanced than earlier telescopes, scientists began gathering data on the CEERS_1019 galaxy. It is said that after monitoring this galaxy for just one hour, James Webb conveyed many important information to the Earth.

Data from James Webb helped scientists find the oldest black hole ever discovered in the CEERS_1019 galaxy. Despite this, scientists feel that this record will not last long. There is still a lot in the universe, which is beyond the reach of scientists. Black holes are such a topic, on which the more the research progresses, the more records will be made.


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