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Scientists discovered dust particles older than the Sun, success was achieved through Asteroid Ryugu, know about it

Scientists have been very interested in asteroids. To shed light on the origin of life and the creation of the universe, researchers are examining the material brought to Earth from the asteroid Ryugu in the year 2020. A Japanese space probe, ‘Hayabusa-2’, collected samples from the Ryugu asteroid. Scientists have found tiny particles of dust in these samples. It is estimated that it predates the formation of our Sun. These fine particles contain the presence of presolar materials, including diamonds. Such particles have already been found in asteroids. Some of those asteroids crashed to Earth in the late 1970s. In such a situation, this is not the first time that scientists have found such material.

Samples from Ryugu provide unique insight into our solar system’s building blocks at the time it was formed. Jens Barosch, one of the lead authors who discovered the sample and published it in the paper, said that different types of presolars arise from different types of stars and stellar processes. This opportunity to identify and study them in the lab could help us understand the astronomical events that shape our solar system as well as other cosmic objects.

The team of researchers has detected all previously known types of presolar particles in Ryugu samples. These also include silicates which are chemically broken down through processes occurring in the core body of the asteroid. Larry Nittler, another lead author of the study, said that the composition of the presolar particles we found in the Ryugu samples is the same as that found in the previously studied samples. It presents to us a complete picture of the solar system’s creative processes. These findings are published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters. published has been done.

another one Research In the past, scientists had said that water may have been brought to Earth by asteroids from the outer edges of our solar system. These scientists also came to this conclusion after analyzing the samples of Ryugu asteroid. Talking about the Hayabusa-2 mission, it was launched in the year 2014 towards the ‘Ryugu’ asteroid, about 300 million kilometers away. It had returned to Earth orbit only two years ago.

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