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Scientists create methane from diamond

As noted, diamond is an allotropic modification of carbon, which regularly passes from biological remains from the surface to the earth’s interior and turns into graphite there. After that, graphite is transformed into diamond under pressure.

The scientists used a cell with a diamond anvil, which made it possible to create a pressure characteristic of a depth of 70 km, at which these processes take place. Then pure hydrogen with a temperature of 300 degrees was injected into the cell.

Thus, the process was recreated not of the transformation of graphite into diamond, but the reverse – the decomposition of diamond into components, in particular, methane.

“We created an environment similar in temperature and pressure to the Earth’s upper mantle, and found that hydrogen and diamond easily react to form methane in just a few seconds,” the experts said. Scientists also found that when graphite was added to diamonds, the reaction began to proceed more intensely.

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