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Scientists claim – there was life on Mars, even today there may be ‘aliens bug’

When it comes to life outside Earth, the eyes of scientists are fixed on Mars. Would life ever exist on Mars? A team of scientists says it is ‘very likely’ that some kind of life existed beneath the surface of Mars. It is also possible that even today the microbes of Mars can live underground. These can be called ‘aliens bugs’. Biologist Boris Soutre at an institute in France has also said that even if life existed on Mars, the organisms that developed in it would have carried the ‘seeds’ of their destruction.

That is, the life that flourished on Mars was ruined because of the other life that flourished on that planet. Daily Star Key Report According to the U.S., the microbes that thrived there in the early history of Mars were methane-producing. He could deep-freeze that planet. According to the team of French scientists, in the early times of Mars, the possibility of life in its subsurface was very high. Biologist Boris told that his team had created a model that describes how the effect of micro-organism populations on Mars was.

According to him, we evaluated the habitability of Mars. He told that we got amazing results. He has said that while life on Earth has tried to stabilize the planet’s climate, the methane-producing bacteria on Mars may have done the exact opposite. They may have brought Mars to an ice age state.

He said the effect of life on Earth’s climate may be unique in the Milky Way. And it may be that most of the planets have been made impossible to live by the life that has flourished there. He said that due to methane-producing bacteria, the climate of Mars cooled down to minus 20 to 40 degrees. Boris applies it to other planets as well, while only Earth can be an exception.

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