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Scientists are trying to teach AI to laugh and respond to humor

Japanese developers from Kyoto University have created a laughing robot they named Erika. This research project is expected to improve natural conversations between people and AI-based systems.

“We believe that one of the important functions of conversational AI is empathy. Therefore, we decided that one of the ways in which the robot can empathize with users is to share their laughter, ”said Dr. Koji Inoue from Kyoto University, lead author of the study.

The researchers decided to teach their AI system to laugh, for which they trained it on various types of laughter – from awkward to sincere. According to scientists, this will allow the creation of robots in their own character, although this may take decades.

At the same time, experts from Oxford University note that a robot or a software algorithm does not understand the meaning of laughter and humor, since it is not reasonable in human terms. However, robots can imitate such behavior so that a person believes that the robot understands it.

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