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Scientist took big risk by waking up 48,500 years old virus sleeping in Siberia!

About 10 million species of organisms have been discovered so far on the earth and this search is going on continuously. Now scientists have discovered some such viruses in Siberia which were present there in a dormant state for thousands of years. Viruses are bacteria that live in a dead state without a medium and come to life as soon as they get a medium. So can these new viruses found in Siberia become a new threat to humans? Or an early warning of impending danger? Let us tell you what scientists have found in Siberia.

48,500 year old virus found in frozen ground

Some viruses have been found frozen in permafrost in Siberia, which are about 48 thousand 500 years old from today. Permafrost is a place whose soil remains frozen continuously for many years at a temperature below the freezing point of water. Such soil becomes like cement or concrete, which also requires big tools to dig. Permafrost is also found in Siberia including Greenland, Alaska etc. where the soil has been frozen for thousands of years. These viruses found in Siberian permafrost are said to be from the time of the Ice Age.

arctic permafrost
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Scientists have discovered 13 viruses here and revived them. These viruses belong to 5 different organism groups. One of these viruses is 48,500 years old. At the same time, three new viruses have been found in the faeces and wool of mammoths 27 thousand years old. Their names are Pithovirus Mammoth, Pandovirus Mammoth and Megavirus Mammoth. There are two viruses that have been found in frozen Siberian wolf stomachs. Their names are Pacmanvirus lupus and Pandoravirus lupus.

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How contagious are these viruses

These viruses infect amoebas and single-celled speckled organisms that are found in water and soil. But the experiments done with these indicate that they can enter the cell of an organism and replicate the cell. This Search It has been done by France’s Aix Marseille University, which in 2014 discovered a 30,000-year-old virus from the Siberian permafrost itself. But this time the virus that has been made alive, it is 48,500 years old, which is said to be the oldest virus ever discovered.

In a New Scientist report, Professor Jean Michel Claverie of Aix-Marseille University said that finding a 48,500-year-old virus is a world record in itself. It has been said in the published study that more research is yet to be done on these viruses.

Is the human species also at risk?

The concern of climate change is not hidden from anyone. The temperature of the earth is increasing continuously and the ice of the poles is also melting slowly. Even scientists have not been able to guess what is hidden in the womb of the earth. In such a situation, no one knows which other viruses the rising heat will extract from the snow. Scientists say that the rising temperature due to climate change can cause danger by reviving frozen bacteria. These can contain many such viruses which can be quite contagious.

Whenever a new virus emerges, to prevent its infection, new antiviral medicines have to be made and a vaccine has to be invented. example of this world covid Have seen in the epidemic. The virus may belong to one family only, but it has to be treated differently, say scientists. In such a situation, while the discovery of this 48,500-year-old virus is a new threat, on the other hand, this discovery will also prepare us for the future, when the risk of new viruses emerging due to rising temperature will increase. However, by researching these new viruses, scientists are trying to understand their infection and treatment. study recently bioRxiv Posted in. 



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