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Scammers began to replace passwords for Russians from personal accounts

Dmitry Bondar, director of the Solar inRights center of Rostelecom-Solar, spoke about this. About him, in order to deceive, the scammers refer to well-known security rules: at least once a year, you must change the password to enter the service. It is for this reason that scammers become active on the eve of the holidays.

They write a letter or call on behalf of the security service of the service and remind about the need to change the password, offering to go to the site they need, similar to the official page. After that, the entered password is automatically intercepted, which the attackers subsequently change.

For each entry to important services, the expert advised using two-factor authentication. And when he received letters about changing the password, he recommended not to follow the link from the correspondence, but to enter the service through the official application or a search engine.

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