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Scam in the name of Avatar 2, bank account will be empty if confused

Avatar 2 Scam: If you are fond of watching free movies online, then beware. Cybercriminals have adopted a new trick to trap users watching free movies.

Movie Scam: If you are planning to watch the recently released film, then be careful. A small mistake can sink all your money. Yes, nowadays cyber criminals (cyber crimes) And hackers have adopted a new trick. Now free movies are being lured to steal users’ data and money. By falling in the trap of hackers, users do a lot of damage. There are many websites that Everywhere All at Once and avatar 2 For example, users are attracted to movies.

Users are extorted money by luring free movie streaming. Especially there is a lot of competition to watch big award winning movies like Oscars for free. Many websites on the internet claim to show such movies. However, some other game is going on here.

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Subscription fees are asked to show this movie for free, so that access to the platform is available. Users enter their secret details on the site without any investigation, from which their bank details are traced. After this, cyber criminals steal those details, and wipe out the users’ money from the bank account.

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The case of fraud is not limited to movies only, but people are also cheated through free software and YouTube videos. That’s why it is necessary to avoid all these tricks. You can adopt some tips to avoid cybercrime.

  • Keep an eye on official movie release dates.
  • Before entering details on any website, check its authenticity.
  • To download the movie, go to the official webpage only.
  • Double-check the URL format and the spelling of the company name.
  • Use a trusted cyber security solution to detect and block dangerous attachments and phishing.

Apart from these, links claiming to show movies or any other content before release should be avoided. One should always be alert while using internet, and should not share personal information with any unknown person.



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