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SBI Yono Lite customers faced problems, started complaining! Have you also faced the same problem?

New Delhi. Users of YONO, the mobile application of State Bank of India, faced a very strange problem today. Many users wrote on Twitter about this problem and then SBI told people in this matter that due to a technical problem, users have suffered and efforts are being made to overcome this problem.

Actually, Yono users were getting wrong notifications on their phones. The incident came to light when hundreds of SBI Yono users shared their complaints on Twitter. A Twitter user wrote, ‘Yono SBI app is spamming me with loan messages. Please look into this. And it’s not even my name. Something is going wrong here.” Let us know that users were getting notifications in the name of someone else. For example, your name may be Amit Kumar and you may be sent a message saying Narendra Yadav.

Another user tagged the official handle of SBI and wrote, “Yono Lite is spamming with notifications for SBI instant personal loan with multiple random names. Please look into this.”

try to fix the problem fast
After receiving several complaints of error, SBI issued a statement, “Due to a technical glitch, some users are receiving incorrect notification messages in the Yono Lite application. We are working to fix this problem as soon as possible.”

SBI is bringing only the app named Yono
SBI had yesterday said on Thursday that it is planning a separate digital entity and will name its existing mobile application ‘Only Yono’ to be future-ready. SBI is looking to implement the reforms in 12-18 months, including migrating existing YONO customers to YONO only.

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