Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Sberbank presented the newest Russian supercomputer

The system was launched by Sberbank together with its subsidiary, a cloud technology provider, SberCloud. The computer has an Nvidia A100 graphics processor with 80 GB of memory, its effective performance is 12 petaflops. This means that Christofari Neo can perform about 12 thousand trillion operations per second, or 600 thousand times more powerful than a regular PC.

Such capacities will make it possible to create and train new models of artificial intelligence for new services and products that will be included in the Sberbank ecosystem.

“The Christofari Neo supercomputer will allow Sber to bring the speed of model learning to a new level, which will open up new opportunities for us in the implementation of breakthrough services and products using the most advanced technologies,” said David Rafalovsky, Sberbank Executive Vice President.

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