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Sber has revealed a new method of fraud in instant messengers

SberBank experts spoke about a new way to steal money from users of mobile banking applications. It allows attackers to gain access to temporary login codes, card numbers and other information that the user sees – while the victim himself provides access to confidential information.

Be patientSource: Sberbank

Information about the fraudulent scheme was published on the website of the cybersecurity project “Cibrary”. First, the potential victim receives a call via messenger from the number “+900”, and the attacker asks whether the user has updated the mobile application. Having heard a negative answer, the fraudster, posing as a bank employee, states that this needs to be done as soon as possible with the help of a specialist.

After this, another call comes from another account: this confusion is needed to disorient the person and force him to perform the actions the scammers need. The new “employee” reports that he needs a video connection to identify the client using biometrics – he asks to turn on the camera, and then switch the video stream to screen sharing so that the “robotic system for diagnosing the account” starts working.

Internet fraud

Finally, the scammer asks the victim to log into the bank’s app, citing that only the “robotic system” can see the screen, not him. In fact, he himself watches the screen, which allows him to see the card number, amounts and SMS codes of the bank for “hijacking” the account. In addition, the fraudster may ask to transfer the client’s money to a “safe account.”

Representatives of Sber reminded how to protect yourself from the actions of attackers. First of all, it is worth remembering a few simple rules:

  • Bank employees do not contact clients via instant messengers
  • You cannot share the screen of your device with strangers via video link, no matter who they say they are.
  • Robotic system for account diagnostics is an invention of scammers

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