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Saw these 3 videos on Google during Diwali?

New Delhi: Diwali was celebrated with great fanfare across the country. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Many people celebrate Diwali with great enthusiasm by lighting lamps, distributing sweets and bursting firecrackers. But, if you search 3 banned videos on Google during Diwali, you may get arrested and go to jail. What are those 3 things? Which cannot be searched on Google. Know the details.

How to make a bomb?

Bomb making is banned in India. A license is required for this. But, if you have accidentally searched for how to make Diwali bombs in the wrong way, then it is not good for you. If you used Google to make a bomb, it’s wrong. It is banned in India. If you have taken bomb-making training on Google, Google informs the police about it. So you may have to ingest gel air directly.

How to make a gun?
There is a ban in India on how to make a gun along with a bomb. The demand for Desi Katta increases during Diwali. Easy method of making desi katta is on google. Along with this, many other dangerous businesses are started during Diwali. But, Google has a watch on anyone who knows how to make a gun on Google. So you may well get into trouble.

Where to buy and sell ammunition?
Ammunition is needed to make a bomb. Ammunition is an explosive substance. It is easy to get. So if you are searching on google it is illegal. Location and payment to buy ammo online mode can get you arrested by police, you will have to live in jail.

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