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Saving Tips: Deposit 1000 rupees every month, this special trick will create a fund of 2 crores!

Best Investment Plan: In the midst of today’s hectic life, it is important that you keep on doing your future planning along with everyday expenses. For this it is necessary that you find the option of safe investment. It is said that there is no limit or time to investment. You must invest a part of your income.

How to create a good fund in a low budget

Although there are many options for saving, but investing money in some things can be the best decision for you. If you have not started investing yet, do not delay any longer. Here we will tell you how you can create a good fund even in a low budget. Just need to make regular investment.

To prepare a large fund with small investment, you start from 1000 rupees a month in the beginning. Here we are telling you to invest in mutual funds with the advice of an expert. You too can travel to become a millionaire by starting with a SIP of Rs 1000.

the amount will increase

For this, you have to invest 1000 rupees every month in mutual funds. In the last few years, mutual funds have given returns of up to 20 percent or more. If you invest this amount for 20 years, then you have deposited a total of 2.4 lakh rupees. On the basis of annual 15% return in 20 years, you will get about 15 lakh 16 thousand rupees. If this return is 20 percent annually, then the total fund will be around 31.61 lakhs.

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Create a fund of more than 2 crores from 1000 rupees

If you invest 1000 rupees every month for 25 years and you get 20 percent annual return on it, then on maturity you will get a total fund of 86.27 lakhs. Similarly, on the completion of 30 years of this period, with a return of 20 percent, your fund of 2 crore 33 lakh 60 thousand will be ready.

Benefits of investing in mutual funds

Let us tell you that by investing in mutual funds, you get the benefit of compounding in the long run. Also, there is a facility to invest every month in it. This is the reason why you can expect to get a big fund by investing a small amount.

(Disclaimer: Investing in mutual funds is subject to risk. Please consult an expert before making any kind of investment.)


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