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Satellite Internet: Airtel to beat Elon Musk, launch satellite internet broadband service


  • Internet will be made available through Bharti Airtel Satellite.
  • Internet facilities will also be available in remote areas.
  • The company received permission from the government.

New Delhi : Demand for satellite based internet is growing worldwide, including in India. Elon Musk’s Starlink is at the forefront. Starlink is also trying to launch its service in India. However, the company has not received permission from the government. Now Bharti Airtel The company will face Elon Musk.

Bharti Airtel With Hughes Communication India Pvt. Ltd. (HCIPL) Has formed a joint venture, which will provide satellite broadband service in India. Both companies will provide satellite and hybrid networks to business and government customers through VSAT operations. The joint venture was announced in May 2019. It has received approval from the National Company Law Tribunal and the Department of Telecom.

HCIPL is the largest satellite service operator in India. The company has more than 2 lakh VSAT. The company provides broadband to networking technology, solutions and services. These include small businesses, educational institutions, including government offices, banking, aeronautics and maritime mobility.

What is Satellite Internet?

High-speed Internet connectivity can be provided wirelessly in remote areas via satellite internet. It transfers data using laser beams, not wires. It uses the Lower Orbit Satellite. Lower orbit satellites reduce latency. Low latency improves the quality of online buffering, gaming and video calling.

Benefits of Satellite Internet

  • You can use satellite internet from anywhere.
  • Take advantage of fast internet.
  • This makes it possible to use the Internet even in remote areas.
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