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Sanctions are strangling: Sberbank has removed the word “Sber” from the name of the SberDevices division, which it can sell

According to KommersantSberbank changed the name of the company that develops “smart” speakers, set-top boxes and other gadgets with the Salyut voice assistant, excluding the word “Sber” from it.

This decision is associated with the bank’s plans to sell a non-core division. Interest in the “daughter” of Sberbank is shown by Russian IT and telecom companies. Sberbank is going to focus on the development of its core business and “formally withdraw from everything non-core”, so it is gradually curtailing the development of consumer devices.

In mid-July, the name of SberDevices LLC was changed to SalyutDevices LLC. The press service of Sberbank denied information about the sale of the company, stating that it was only about renaming the legal entity in connection with the expansion of the product portfolio strategy of the Salyut voice assistant through B2B solutions.

Sources say that the sanctions have seriously limited the work of SberDevices. In particular, the company can no longer purchase “foreign IT solutions in the required volume.” One of the interlocutors claims that employees have already begun to leave SberDevices. Sberbank objects that SberTech and SberDevices remain “key areas”. According to the bank, investment in “creating advanced products” continues.

After the start of the special operation, Sberbank came under US sanctions, which mean blocking all assets and accounts of credit institutions in US dollars. The EU and the UK also imposed sanctions against the bank, after which the credit institution was disconnected from the SWIFT system. Due to restrictions, Sberbank services have been removed from the Google Play and App Store marketplaces.

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