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Samsung uses new car battery technology in its smartphones

About a year ago, Samsung SDI began producing 5th generation batteries for electric vehicles using a new method instead of the traditional jelly roll. Due to this, the battery components can be packed more tightly, resulting in higher capacity for the same volume. Now The Elec reports that the company is preparing to use this method for smartphone batteries as well.

Batteries made using the new method have at least 10% more capacity than traditional roll-on designs. This means that a 5000 mAh battery like the one in the Galaxy S22 Ultra could have a 5500+ mAh capacity instead. In addition, phones can be made thinner and lighter while maintaining battery capacity.

Flat roll batteries should not be packed tightly, as the natural swelling that occurs when the battery is charged and discharged can bend the electrodes, damaging them in the process. The multi-layer design solves this problem and allows you to fill the dead space inside the battery.

It is reported that the new batteries will be produced at a plant in the Korean city of Cheonan. The company is also expected to convert one of the lines at its Tianjin plant in China to use the new method.

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