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Samsung unveils new features for Microsoft Copilot AI assistant

Shortly before the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Ultra laptop, advertising materials dedicated to the future new product appeared on the company’s website. Some of them reveal a list of Microsoft Copilot features, including those that have not yet been announced.

Microsoft copilot

Judging by the promotional materials, Copilot will become even more interactive and will be able to perform complex tasks formulated in natural language. The following commands are provided as an example:

  • Copy the link from Smith’s post
  • Remind me what Smith said in his last message.
  • Send the following message to Smith: “Sure, one moment!”
  • Find Printworks address
  • Copy the Printworks company address
  • Write a draft for Printworks with a price request

Microsoft copilot

Samsung also notes that Copilot will be able to use various applications, as well as summarize and send messages. It’s possible that Microsoft’s AI assistant will also integrate with the Phone Link app to use smartphone features synced with a PC.

Microsoft copilot

Samsung says the new features will be available “from spring 2024.” Microsoft announced the presentation of Surface Pro 10, Surface Laptop 6 and other devices on March 21 – there is a possibility that it is on this day that the company will show an updated version of Copilot.


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