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Samsung unveils 1.4nm process plan

After Samsung launched production on the 3nm process technology, the company announced its plans for new technologies. Today, the company made another announcement saying that production using the 1.4nm process will begin in 2027.

Samsung’s Cui Shirong said they will continue to work on the next generation workflow. It will be based on the next generation of GAA technology. (GAA) next generation. He then added that the company plans to move to 2nm in 2025 and 1.4nm in 2027.

So far, it is too early to talk about the density of transistors, performance and power consumption of microcircuits that will be produced according to 1.4 nm standards. But Samsung is not the only company that wants to start mass production at 1.4 nm. Currently, TSMC is also building a 3nm factory. The company announced that production of 2nm processors will begin in 2025. Moreover, a few months ago they formed a team to work on the 1.4nm process technology.

In addition, in 2025, Intel will begin mass production of two generations of 20A and 18A processes. They are equivalent to 2nm and 1.8nm mobile chips.

Finally, to start mass production using the 1.4nm process, manufacturers need the next generation ASML lithography machine, due out in 2026.

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