Monday, March 4, 2024

Samsung TV users alert! This Google feature will not work on Smart TV from March 1!

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The company is going to make a big change in Samsung Smart TV. Now Google Assistant will be removed from smart TV. The company has released this information officially on its support page. In which it is said that Google Assistant will not be available in Samsung Smart TV from March. Not only will Google Assistant be removed from the old models, but this voice assistant will no longer be visible in the new upcoming models too. Let us know what is the reason given behind this step of the company.

Samsung Google’s voice assistant Google Assistant will no longer find a place in smart TV. to the app smart TV Is being removed from. Samsung has support page But this information has been given. This feature will not be available in any Samsung TV model from March 1, 2024. This includes all the models of the company including 2020 Lifestyle TV, 2020 Crystal UHD TV, 2020 8K and 4K QLED TV, 2021 Smart TV model, 2022 Smart TV model.

Samsung started supporting Google Assistant in its TVs from 2020. Now after 4 years this feature is being removed from the TV. The company says that this is being done due to changes in Google’s policy. However, Samsung has not yet given detailed information about what changes have been made in the policy, due to which this feature is now being removed. The company has written on the support page, ‘Due to the change in Google policy, Google Assistant will no longer be available in Samsung Smart TV from March 1, 2024. Check other options in TV for voice assistant.

A recent news related to Google Assistant Report In this we told you that 17 features have been removed from Google Assistant. From January 26, many features will no longer work on Google Assistant. The company had said that this change is being made to further improve the quality and reliability of Google Assistant.

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