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Samsung Neo QLED 8K: Cinema hall will become home, movie experience will be bang

New Delhi. TV brand Samsung has introduced its ultra-premium 2022 Neo QLED 8K and Neo QLED TVs in the country. These TVs deliver the cleanest picture quality and mesmerizing sound that will rejuvenate your living space.

The range of new Neo QLED TVs is designed to become more than just a TV. It can become a game console, a virtual playground, and a smart hub to control your home and the perfect partner, increasing your efficiency at work.

The new Neo QLED line-up includes Quantum Matrix Technology Pro with Quantum Mini LEDs. These LEDs are 40 times smaller than normal LEDs. They offer a better luminance scale, which controls the brightness of the display better. The Shape Adaptive Light Control measures the various objects in the picture in a precise manner and adjusts the illumination as needed.

The Neo QLED 8K is powered by a Neural Quantum Processor with Real Depth Enhancer, which uses artificial intelligence (AI)-based deep learning to determine and magnify objects to create three-dimensional (3D) depth.

To provide a better viewing experience, the Neo QLED comes with Eye Comfort Mode, which automatically adjusts the brightness and tone of the screen with the help of the built-in sensor. When the surrounding light changes, the screen starts giving less light and accordingly adjusts the level of blue light to give a warm tone.

The state-of-the-art Neo QLED 8K line-up will have three series with screen sizes ranging from 65 inches to 85 inches. The Neo QLED TV will also be available in three series with screen sizes ranging from 50 inches to 85 inches. The new range of Neo QLED TVs will be available across leading retail stores and online on Flipkart and Amazon and Samsung Shop, the official online store of Samsung.

As part of the limited period offer, consumers purchasing Neo QLED 8K TVs between April 19 and April 30, 2022 will get a Samsung Soundbar (HW-Q990B) worth Rs 1,49,000 and SlimFit Cam worth Rs 8,900 absolutely free. Consumers who buy Neo QLED TV will get a free Slimfit Cam worth Rs 8,900. Customers who pre-reserve Neo QLED 8K TVs will get a discount of Rs 10,000 and those who pre-reserve Neo QLED TVs will get Rs 5,000 off.

Mohandeep Singh, Senior Vice President, Consumer Electronics Business, Samsung India, said, “At Samsung, we are continuously scaling up the role of television to match the ever-increasing quality of life of our consumers. The amazing looking 2022 Neo QLED TV series delivers astonishing picture and sound quality. What’s more, it offers a customizable and personalized experience to watch content, work, play, control other devices and stay in touch with your loved ones. By bringing a huge screen, 8K resolution and next level picture and sound quality, we are sure that Neo QLED TVs will further cement our leadership position in the premium TV market in India.”

The new range of Neo QLED TVs comes with a built-in IoT hub, which allows consumers to control all their home devices in a smart manner just like a TV. Through this you can check all the devices in your home, third party devices as well. Users can also enjoy video calling or web conferences with the easy-to-use SlimFit Cam (TV webcam). The SlimFit Cam can be integrated without compromising on the design or viewing experience of the TV. The Smart Hub feature offers a brand new user interface, bringing all aspects of the smart experience to the home screen with easy to navigate navigation. Best-in-class content viewing experience, personalized personalized recommendations and over 45 free Indian and global TV channels on Samsung TV Plus make the new Neo QLED TV range the best choice for consumers.

The Infinity One design, which has become the hallmark of Samsung, gives the TV a slimmer and slimmer look, which makes the TV float above the ground. The 2022 Samsung Neo QLED 8K is powered by a 90W 6.2.4 channel audio system with Dolby Atmos, Q-Symphony and Object Tracking Sound Pro (OTS Pro), to deliver an unmatched 3D surround sound home theater experience.

The 2022 Neo QLED TV line-up has been designed with a focus on offering an immersive gaming experience and includes Motion Accelerator Turbo Pro (with HDMI 2.1 port) for seamless, immersive ultra-wide and seamless gaming experience. up to 144 Hz VRR) has been used. The new TV line-up also gets a new Game Bar, which lets gamers easily change game settings and leave no room dark or unseen with its zoom-in mode and ultra wide view (32:9).

Samsung is making every effort to save the environment and fight climate change through its products and eco-packaging initiatives. The new innovative Solar Cell Remote is now completely battery free and can be charged with lights inside your home.

price and availability
The Neo QLED 8K TVs are available in QN900B (85-inch), QN800B (65 and 75-inch), QN700B (65-inch) models and will be priced starting Rs.3,24,990. The Neo QLED TVs are available in QN95B (55, 65 inches), QN90B (85, 75, 65, 55, 50 inches), QN85B (55, 65 inches) models and will be priced starting Rs 1,14,990. The TVs will be available across all online platforms including Samsung retail stores, leading consumer electronics stores and Samsung’s official online store Samsung Shop.

Consumers buying Neo QLED TV will get 10 years of no screen burn-in warranty.

Samsung’s Neo QLED Televisions
With the 2022 line-up, Samsung introduces its Neo QLED televisions with the perfect amalgamation of design and premium features and the ultimate viewing experience. Neo QLED is powered by the powerful Neural Quantum Processor 8K with state-of-the-art Quantum Matrix Technology Pro and Real Depth Enhancer. Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED TVs come with smarter and smarter features and user interfaces, making Samsung TVs the hub for watching content, controlling devices, playing games, exercising and many more.

Smarter, Smarter and Smartest: No analogies left for the 2022 Neo QLED

smart Hub
Samsung’s 2022 Neo QLED TV is your one-stop destination for unlimited entertainment. The new range of televisions comes with a brand new home screen that brings together all kinds of content, smart features and settings. The Samsung TV Plus feature eliminates the hassle of subscription as it gives users access to over 45 local and global TV channels absolutely free of cost for a daily dose of entertainment, news, sports and more.

heaven for gamers
The Samsung Neo QLED range of TVs is more than just a television. These are every gamer’s dream. The 2022 Neo QLED range offers players great and vibrant pace without interruption. In the game bar, players can view the status of the game and easily customize its settings. Also, there is not a single blind spot in the zoom-in mode and ultra-wide mode. All this has been made possible with the help of the Motion Accelerator Turbo Pro, which has made the Neo QLED a must-have for gamers.

Control other devices with Neo QLED
The 2022 Samsung Neo QLED also comes with other smart features like built-in Home IoT, which lets you control your home smarter with the help of a TV. Video calling, multiple voice assistants, multi-view for watching TV and smartphone content simultaneously, and a few other features from the Slimfit Cam make it the smartest TV around.

Design: Minimalistic style for a smarter design
The Samsung 2022 Neo QLED features an Infinity Screen, Infinity One Design and an attachable Slim One Connect. These smart features give the television a slim and sleek design without the wires. Also, the engineers have kept the minimalistic design for the Neo QLED and focused on the image without the distracting black bezels to give your room a whole new look. The manufacturers have come up with an eco-friendly solar cell remote, which gets charged automatically by the lighting of the room. The remote also has very few buttons, so that it can be operated with a single hand. Apart from this, there are also dedicated buttons for voice control commands, Netflix, Prime Video, Samsung TV Plus and Disney + Hotstar.

Better viewing experience with clean picture quality

Quantum Matrix Technology Pro
The new range of Neo QLED TVs comes with features like Quantum Matrix Technology Pro (with Quantum Mini LED) and Shape Adaptive Light Control for sharper pictures with more contrast. Quantum Mini LEDs, 1/40 the size of a regular LED, deliver the best brightness with colors and deepest blacks, and reduced picture blooming. Shape Adaptive Light Control detects different objects in the picture and controls the illumination accordingly for the best viewing experience.

Neuron Quantum Processor 8K and Real Depth Enhancer
Whatever you watch, powered by the most advanced processor and the ability to make content in 8K and 4K quality, the 2022 Neo QLED range delivers clear and in-depth images with AI based Deep Learning.

i comfort mode
With a better viewing experience than ever before, the makers of the Neo QLED have also focused on creating a ‘joyful’ viewing experience for the consumers. The Neuron Quantum Processor optimizes the picture, alters the brightness and color temperature, thereby automatically reducing blue light and relaxing the eyes and leading to sound sleep.

Dolby Atmos
To provide the consumers with a cinema watching experience, the makers have introduced the Samsung Neo QLED with the finest sound system that delivers immersive, immersive and utterly original sound. Consumers can now enjoy the immersive experience of Dolby Atmos with unmatched 3D surround sound.

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