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Samsung is credited with intent to raise SSD prices

Citing industry sources, DigiTimes said Samsung is considering raising prices for its own brand solid state drives. How much the prices will be raised are not reported by sources, but they note that Samsung appears to be heading in the opposite direction compared to other SSD vendors. In contrast, Samsung’s competitors are expected to cut prices by an average of 10% in an effort to improve the attractiveness of their products in an environment where demand fell below expectations.

As the largest NAND chip maker and its own controllers, Samsung has established a solid foothold in the SSD market. Given this, its intention of the company to move in the opposite direction of the industry seems strange. The source explains that Samsung recently had to cut production plans for both factories in Xi’an, China after restrictions were imposed there due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Meanwhile, these factories account for about 40% of Samsung’s NAND production, or 7% of total global production.


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