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Samsung has released more than 100 million smartphones with a critical vulnerability, but has already fixed everything

Samsung quite often releases security updates for most of its devices, closing various security holes. However, it turned out that over the past few years, millions and millions of smartphones from the South Korean company have been sold with a critical security vulnerability that allows hackers to get valuable information from devices.

Researchers at the Tel Aviv University of Israel found that some Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 do not store cryptographic keys properly, allowing attackers to almost easily extract information stored in smartphone memory, including sensitive data such as passwords. .

The full text of the report can be found here . The researchers described the ways in which they managed to bypass protection on Samsung devices. Most of the information is obscure to ordinary users who are not information security specialists. However, experts report that in most cases they should not be concerned.

All of the issues mentioned are known to have been fixed by Samsung , which was made aware of the vulnerability shortly after it was discovered. The first patch was released in August 2021, and the vulnerability was finally fixed with a security patch in October.

However, users should check for the latest updates. If Samsung has already stopped supporting the device, experts say users should try installing a custom ROM with a security patch.


source: SamMobile



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