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Samsung has chosen the tiger strategy for itself. The company presented the TIGER strategy and told how it wants to change in the new year

In the Year of the Tiger, Samsung decided to stick to a new strategy of the same name. More precisely, the strategy is called TIGER, and this is an abbreviation, and each letter is not a word, but the beginning of a whole phrase.

It stands for this: True No. 1 in all product categories, Improve flagship market share, narrow the Gap between Apple, Expanding, the presence of products such as wireless earphones, and the firm’s determination to achieve a Record year.

In fact, we have before us a set of theses:

  • Be the first in all categories
  • Increase the market share of flagship devices
  • Close the gap with Apple
  • Expand presence in segments like wireless headphones
  • Realize a record year

In addition, Samsung has said it wants to transform itself from a smartphone maker to a smart device company. It wants to be not a technology brand, but a brand loved by the younger generation and an innovative experience.

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