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Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Series to Introduce AI Health Tracking Features: know Details

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Unveils AI-Powered Health Tracking Features: Samsung is developing AI-powered health tracking features for its upcoming smartwatches in the Galaxy Watch series. Expected to be dubbed the Galaxy Watch 7 series, these wearables are anticipated to be revealed at Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event, possibly scheduled for July 10. Ahead of the event, Samsung has released a blog detailing the upcoming features. Here are the key highlights:

  1. Energy Core: This new feature will assess your health condition by analyzing various health metrics, including sleep patterns, waking time, heart rate, and activity levels.
  2. Wellness Tips: The smartwatches will offer motivational suggestions and guidance on achieving specific health goals.
  3. Workout Routine: Users will have the option to create personalized workout routines by combining different types of workouts.

Samsung also aims to improve its sleep tracking capabilities using AI, which will analyze movement, heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep latency. Additionally, the company plans to introduce a customizable heart rate zone feature with five running intensity levels and functional threshold power metrics for cyclists to evaluate their performance. Moreover, Samsung will introduce “Race” features, allowing users to track and compare current and past performance on familiar routes.

The Galaxy AI features will be seamlessly integrated with the Samsung Health app, providing comprehensive health insights and motivational encouragement to enhance daily wellness. The app will also introduce a new “Energy Score” section, similar to Fitbit’s Daily Readiness Score.

All these features will be accessible on the upcoming Galaxy Watch series through One UI 6 for Watch series, slated for release later this year.

Galaxy Watch 7: Your Personalized Health Coach

  • Energy Core: This innovative feature analyzes your sleep, activity levels, heart rate, and wake times to provide a comprehensive picture of your overall health.
  • Wellness Tips: Achieve your fitness goals with personalized guidance and motivational insights tailored to your specific needs.
  • Customizable Workouts: Craft personalized workout routines by seamlessly combining different exercises.

Sleep Tracking Gets Smarter with AI:

  • Advanced Sleep Tracking: Delve deeper into your sleep patterns with AI-powered monitoring of movement, heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep latency.

Enhanced Fitness Features:

  • Personalized Heart Rate Zones: Take your running to the next level with five customizable heart rate zones for optimal training intensity.
  • Functional Threshold Power (FTP) for Cyclists: Evaluate your cycling performance in just 10 minutes with the new FTP metrics.

Race Against Yourself:

  • Race Tracking: Push your limits and track your progress with the “Race” feature, allowing you to compare your current performance against past runs on the same route.

Samsung Health App Integration:

  • Galaxy AI & Samsung Health: Seamlessly integrate data from your Galaxy Watch 7 with the Samsung Health app for comprehensive health insights and motivational coaching.
  • Energy Score: Stay informed about your daily readiness with the new “Energy Score” section within the app, similar to Fitbit’s Daily Readiness Score.


These exciting functionalities will be available on the upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series powered by One UI 6 for Watch, launching later this year.

Embrace a healthier, more informed you with the power of AI-powered health tracking in the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7!


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