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Samsung Flex S, Flex G, Flex Note and Flex Slidable flexible smartphones and laptop introduced

At CES 2022, Samsung has unveiled several new foldable products such as foldable smartphones and tablets dubbed the Samsung Flex S, Flex G, Flex Note and Flex Slidable.

At the event, Samsung showcased foldable S-shaped and G-shaped foldable phones. The Flex S, when unfolded, offers a large tablet that folds in two places like an accordion. Flex G folds screen inward.

As for the Samsung Flex Note, this is Samsung’s take on future foldable laptops. Flex Note has a large screen and folds with the screen inward. When folded, it is comparable in size to 13-inch laptops. Half of the screen can display the keyboard or controls in games.

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The Flex Slidable is somewhat similar to the Oppo X 2021, offering more screen real estate. Samsung says the Flex Slidable display can slide out with the push of a button and can be used as a side panel to access additional features.

It can take years to produce such devices.




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