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Samsung develops record-breaking DDR5 module

Samsung has announced new proprietary components – DDR5-7200 memory strips with a capacity of 512 GB. A new chip packaging technology, the features of which were revealed in the official promo video, helped the company to achieve this characteristic.

Thanks to the grinding of silicon layers, the vendor managed to make RAM crystals 40 percent thinner: 1.0 mm versus 1.2 mm for previous generation products. This made it possible to manufacture eight-layer memory chips, having received a record volume of one bar by the standards of the industry. For comparison, DDR4 components manufactured using 3D TSV technology had only four layers.

The manufacturer claims the following characteristics of the modules: data transfer rate up to 6400 Mbps, operating voltage 1.1 V and energy efficiency increased by 30% compared to DDR4. The corporation plans to supply new products to data processing centers, and later to manufacturers of smartphones and laptops. The start date for the first shipments of record volume modules is still unknown.

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