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Samsung Confirms Data Breach Affecting Users In US: All Details

Samsung discovered the vulnerability a few months ago and is now informing users affected by the incident, personally asking them to back up their data.

Samsung has confirmed a data breach affecting its users in the United States earlier this year. The company has mentioned that some of its users’ data was leaked in the breach.

Interestingly, Samsung claims that no sensitive details such as debit card and credit card numbers and social security numbers were disclosed in the breach, which is pretty odd for a company like Samsung to begin with. The incident happened in July, so we’re not sure why the company waited more than a month before letting the public and its consumers know about the leak.

According to the details shared, the leaked data includes the user’s name, date of birth, contact details, product registration and more. The company is working with law enforcement agencies to investigate the incident and also determine the reason or root cause of the data breach. The South Korean giant has onboarded a cybersecurity firm to investigate the matter.

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While Samsung assures its users that no vital data has been disclosed, even having access to details like your email ID is good enough for spammers to target your accounts with phishing or malware-infected mailers. We always advise people to be careful when opening emails from unknown senders that might be spam or riddled with malware to attack your systems. Such breaches have become a breeding ground for hackers to gain access to data and infiltrate systems of affected users.

Samsung is reaching out to users affected by this breach and asking them to follow a series of instructions to backup their data. The company also regrets any inconvenience or concern caused by this incident.



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