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Samsung Balance Mouse will stop user from overtime in office check specs features

Samsung Balance Mouse Launch: Samsung has come up with a great mouse for those working overtime in the office. Who will run out of hand for overtime…

Samsung Balance Mouse: Samsung doesn’t want people to overwork, at least that’s what its latest product says. The electronics company has come up with a new computer mouse which is not a typical mouse but is specially designed to prevent people from overworking. The mouse, known as the Samsung Balance Mouse, tends to run away from the desk when you start working a lot. Now it’s definitely not our imagination, but Samsung’s new computer mouse not only works like a real mouse but also looks like one. However, the mouse is yet to catch on as it is a concept mouse created in collaboration with an advertising agency.

Samsung Balance Mouse

The video of the Samsung Balance mouse has been posted on Samsung’s Korean YouTube channel. The primary reason behind the concept of Balance Mouse was to improve work life balance in Korea. Samsung has said in its video that most of the office workers are hesitant to leave work on time. There is always a huge pressure on people to complete their pending works before leaving the office. Sometimes extra work is also taken on them.

In the video, Samsung says that it has created a device that will solve the problem of overworking. The company says that this is no ordinary mouse, but it has the ability to stop people from working excessively. 

Will run out of hands for overtime

If you work overtime, the mouse will run out of hand. The wheels will come out from the bottom side and it will run. If you try to catch, then its speed will be so much that it will not come in hand. Even if it comes in hand, the upper part of the mouse will come out and the mouse will open completely. Samsung wants people to enjoy life after work by getting the Balance Mouse.

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