Monday, March 4, 2024

Samsung and LG are no longer quoted. Leaders in the Russian market of TVs became Haier, Hisense and Xiaomi

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In 2023, sales of televisions in Russia grew by 28%, reaching the mark of 8,7 million devices, reports «Kommersant» with reference to retailers.

The leadership was captured by the Chinese brand Haier, ousting the first positions from South Korean Samsung and LG. Hisense and Xiaomi also outperformed South Korean manufacturers in quantitative indicators.

Overall sales grew by 13% to 229 billion rubles. Haier took the first place both in terms of sales volume and revenue, increasing its share to 11,4% and 15,9% respectively.

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The only Russian brand, having a significant share in sales, turned out to be Sber. Its share increased from less than 1% to 2% in quantitative indicators and up to 2,6% in monetary expression. We underlined the rapid growth in popularity of televisions with their operating system.

While Yandex does not have a significant market share, they stated plans to increase their share of TV sales in 2024 with the help of «development of the flagship product and expansion of the model line».

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